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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Hanan

It's Hanan's birthday and I'm so glad. I hope it's the happiest birthday Hanan ever had!!!

I woke up to that song on my birthday every morning that I can remember. My Mom made it up. Hanan got to hear it this year as soon as she woke up from one cool grandma. Grandma spent the week camping out in the playroom with the girls.

Hanan is such a sweet child. This week we were at the beach with our visiting family. A huge kid starting throwing sand and water in Arleigh's face. Just as I was getting up Hanan got between Arleigh and the little boy and said, "Stop please! You are hurting my sister!" The kid was sweet. He really didn't know what he was doing so he stopped. It was so nice to see the old no holds barred Hanan back. That Hanan went away for a little while. It's nice to see her peeking out again.

Hanan wanted a Fancy Nancy party for her birthday. She wanted everyone to dress in Fancy clothes. No one disappointed. They boys were sooooo cute! She had an ice cream sandwich cake that was yummy and pretty easy to make. Best of all, Grandma, Aunt Angie, Aunt Kelly, Kendall and Kase were all here to celebrate.

Actually, there was one thing that topped all that too. Elle came to the party. We got in touch with her parents at the last minute. It was a bit of a surprise. We love Elle. We are going to miss her so much next year when she changes school.

Happy Birthday Hanan! We love you.

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Ray, Brandi & Girls said...

Whoops. My mom just told me she didn't make it up. She heard the song on a movie. I can't remember the name but better to give credit where credit is due...

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