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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth Of July Weekend

I don't have any great fireworks pictures this year. In fact, we skipped it all together. The girls even said that they were too tired to drive 2 blocks to the school parking lot where we usually watch the show to beat the crowds back home.

I think we were all tired from a week of beaches and eating out. As you can see, the girls crashed out in the playroom in the middle of the afternoon for a nap. Tucker thought it was a good idea and decided to join them.

We did make to a mid afternoon cookout at the Zanes. Hanan threw a fit there to rival any two year olds. I still think she can give her cousin Sophia a run for her money once she makes up her mind. Apparently I wasn't sitting where she wanted me to sit or getting her the drink she wanted. That led to a screaming match that put us in a time out on the front lawn for more than 15 minutes. She calmed down and my little Cybil became the sweet little child that I know and love just in time to fall off the zip line. We narrowly missed a trip to the ER. She fell directly on her elbow. Needless to say, we didn't stay at the party as long as we originally planned. That fall was my straw. My camel's back isn't very strong these days.

I did get one great picture that day. Jeremiah knocked over Abbey's root beer. He started lapping it up from the table. I love that boy! Here's the picture.

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Dennis & Kristina said...

Love the last part of this post-- y'all really need a boy in your family. This kind of stuff happens EVERY DAY.

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