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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dinner Conversation

Too often the girls ask if we can have a fun family night. Too often in the summer, I fold. We eat in the living room watching one of their movies. If we start early enough, we might finish off the night with a game. Most of the time when the movie is over, the girls are off to bed. Last night I was reminded why it's so nice to eat as a family at the table. I never know what they are going to say...

Arleigh was telling me how similar her tastes are to Jake's. (Apparently the crush is still there.) They both like strawberries and hate frosting. He doesn't like chocolate but he likes Skittles. It went on and on.

Hanan looks at her and says, "Well Arleigh, I guess you must be related." Then there was a long pause, "Whatever that means."

As I was trying to decide if I should define the word related Hanan looks at me and asks, "Mama, why do I say things when I don't know what I'm talking about?"

It's so hard to hold a straight face with that kid. We all had a good laugh though. I told her we all make that same mistake sometimes.

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