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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Catching Up

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Of course, the biggest was our news. The girls were screaming across the church auditorium today that Bria will be a big sister. Guess the word is out. In the middle of all the finding out we are pregnant chaos, we also had guests.

First up was Shelby. Her grandparents are good friends of ours that became our family away from family in Virginia. I tease Gayle that she prayed us back to Virginia Beach and then packed up and moved. Gayle and Herky moved to NC a couple of years ago to be close to their grandchildren. We are still sad but understand the need to be with family. Anyway, Gayle drove Shelby up so she could celebrate her 16th birthday with some girls from church. Shelby was here until Thurs although you wouldn't know it. She was hanging out with her friends and planning the big celebration. We said goodbye to her on Wed. night so she could have a sleepover with another friend. Her Mom was driving in to pick her up on Thurs. morning and we were going to be at Busch Gardens...

That leads me to our other visitors. On Sat. Ray's cousin, Colie andher roomate Hailey arrived. Such sweet girls! This was Colie's first trip to the east coast. Among other things they hit Nauticus, MacArthur Center, Colonial Williamsburg, the outlet mall, the beach, Busch Gardens, a Kenny Chesney concert, and finally a road trip to D.C. Those girls had to be tired. I know I am and I was only there for about half of it.

So that was big week for us. I have more posts saved in my head from all the other cute little things the girls have said this week. I'll get to it eventually...

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