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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bria The Bully

Meet Charles. He's Bria's partner in crime. He thinks he's a pretty cool dude. Check out the pirate belt he wore to the Fancy Nancy party. I like to refer to him as Chaz. Since I have daughters I've decided that I am a firm believer in prearranged marriages. Charles is high on Bria's list of potential suiters. I'm waiting to see if the drool slows down.

Yesterday Bria and Charles were playing in the nursery at church. Bria army crawls and Charles walks. He has a clear advantage. Charles plopped down next to her and tried to show her how to use the drumsticks. Bria only wanted to flip the drum over and bang with her bare hands. Charles became annoyed that Bria was doing her thing. He took the drum in spite of a pretty decent fight by Bria. Bria was aggravated but not mad enough to give up. She grabbed the blocks that Charles is constantly holding. She held them in front of him taunting him. He grabs the blocks and leaves the drum. Bria has a wicked little smirk as she pulls the drum back over and starts her flip and bang technique.

That was a very proud and yet very scary moment for me. Was it a fluke or is she already that manipulative? I know she has some pretty good role models in this house...

Christine, Charles' mom, was in the nursery with me at the time. We had a pretty good laugh about it. Christine is also teaching cradle roll on Sunday mornings. She chose that moment to tell me how funny Bria is on Sunday mornings. Apparently she decides that she needs 2 of everything. She has no problem taking the little toys away from the other kids. Apparently her best buddy Ruth is her patsy of choice. Poor Ruthie...

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