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Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Story

So the girls love Baby Story on Discovery Health. They watch all the time. I have a few friends who think I'm crazy for letting them watch it. Maybe I am. They are fascinated with it now. I figure, it's good for them to understand since one day they will go through it, although Arleigh (AKA my huge hypochondriac) is seriously considering adoption. They love Adoption Stories too.

Anyway, they had a cute conversation while watching an episode yesterday. Hanan reminds me more and more of my gullible self all the time.

So they are watching a birth and the nurse asks what the baby's name will be. It was Brice. When the baby is born the nurse says, "Happy Birthday Brice!"

Hanan excitedly says, "Arleigh, that baby was born on his birthday!"
Arleigh says so matter of factly, "Every one is Hanan. It's your birth on that day. That's why we have a birthday on that day every year!"
Hanan answers, "Coooool!!! I didn't know that's how it works."

When do I start to worry?

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Navylangs said...

I had to laugh out loud on that one!

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