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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Very Literal Closed Then Open Door

Last night Ray's good buddy, Shawn stopped by for dinner. It was great to see him. They were both on the Eisenhower about 8 or nine years ago. I can't keep up. It's amazing how our world's have changed since we saw him last. I think we met Shawn and Rita for dinner about 4 years ago. He now has kids and lives in FL. We missed seeing Rita and the kids. Anyway, that's the great thing about living here, all our old navy friends who have moved on eventually have a class or a conference here and we get to see them.

Yesterday Arleigh had a playdate with Jake. I needed to go to the grocery. Hanan had piano...you get the idea. By the afternoon Bria was upset that we weren't paying attention to her and we were running around the house trying to get it clean in the midst of cooking dinner. That's no easy task with the little helpers who were actually big help yesterday. Ray walks into the middle of it. He was a good sport but I could tell that after fighting traffic, this was not the chaos that he wanted to walk into.

I'll get to the point eventually. I was trying to give Ray a wide berth until he could sit down and catch his breath. I noticed that all the doors upstairs were closed. He's been slowly replacing our windows. I thought he must have closed them for the air conditioner or something. I didn't think much about it until about 2 hours later when Arleigh started freaking out because she couldn't find the cats. I asked Ray if he had shut the doors. Nope. Arleigh hadn't. Hanan did. This time last year we thought we lost Tucker because Hanan locked him in a room and forgot.

So I tell the girls, go upstairs and open all the doors and find the cats. Five minutes later the parade of 2 cats, 2 girls and 1 dog come running through the house. All done... Well, the girls decided to have a sleepover in their playroom. I took Bria upstairs to get her jams on. Guess what I found... Every door was open, the closet doors and cabinet doors. Hanan takes everything so literally.

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