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Saturday, June 28, 2008

SonHarvest County Fair

The SonHarvest County Fair is over. I'm feeling the day after Vacation Bible School relief. The kids love it so much. It's always fun. When it's over, I'm glad it's over. I spend the last two days with the preschool class. Every year that I'm with that class it reminds me of herding cats. Cats that need to be potty trained!

The ending program was neat. The girls did a great job. They wanted to wear their hair in braids so they could be like Annie in the skit. (Their favorite babysitter, Anna.) They had lots of cool projects to show me in their bag when they got home.

Bria spent the last two days in the nursery. She was ready for VBS to be over too. That was the longest she's ever been away from Mama. She was a pretty good kid though. At least that's what they tell me.

Grandma, Kelly, Angie, Kendall and Kase are going to pull up for a little beach vacation any minute. Stay tuned for our adventures.

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