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Monday, June 23, 2008

Misadventures In Parenting

This is one of those days that this blog was created for... It's the first day of VBS. I was picking up friends. The goal is to leave the house by 7:30. I didn't have to teach this year. I'm strictly back up. Still, I had to take my blender and the kids' kitchen set so I was feeling frazzled by 6:45 when Bria woke up.

There have been many times when, "This is great. We really know more about what we're doing this time," has slipped out of our mouths since Bria has come along. You start to decide that you have it all figured out by the third one. That's when it happens. On the first morning of VBS...when you are in a hurry...when there are three little girls to get ready and one smells like spit up...that's when the realization hits that you really don't know what you are doing. In fact you know very little at all.

So on with the story. I've been sitting Bria in the shower with me. She's happy in there. She's not fussing. Arleigh and Hanan don't have to look out for her. She is learning to love water pelting her in the face. Arleigh and Hanan always hated that. Brilliant idea, right? WRONG!!!

This morning, Bria got up. I sat her in the shower. That warm water felt so good she proceded to poop all over my bathtub. Yes, I did get a picture. I couldn't resist. It put me in my place. Now I wonder what the rest of VBS week will be like.


Carol said...

Brandi - I love your blogs. They always either make me laugh out loud (which isn't always good at work ha!) or smile at how sweet and cute they are. Thanks!!

Ray, Brandi & Girls said...

Thanks Carol. That made my day.

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