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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Late Season Strawberries

I had to dig into the archives for this picture. Today we had our fourth annual strawberry picking trip with the Delcours. This time the Harrells joined us. Why so late in the year? Arleigh was in school all day this year.

Let me tell you, this is never going to happen again. I won't have any wasted strawberries this year. When I look at this picture from 2005, it makes me sad that we waited so long. We go to an organic farm. They don't use pesticides or weed killer. This field that should have looked this beautiful 6 weeks ago had weeds so high that at times they seemed higher than Bria's stroller. We usually come home with buckets and sand pails brimming with strawberries. No such luck. We really had to dig today. I guess that will make them taste that much sweeter.

Not only did we go to a weed infested and bug ridden strawberry patch, I worried what might have been gnawing on those berries other than all the bugs we saw. I also forgot to take my camera to the actual patch, not that you wanted to see that anyway.

We still had a fabulous time. We had a nice picnic lunch when we were through. I got to stock up on tons of fresh fruits and veggies. Hanan even picked some of them out. Arleigh wins the award for most strawberries picked. She was determined. She also ate about as many as she picked. Bria was fine. She enjoyed the weeds blowing in her face and tickling her toes. I'm often amazed that the little city girls we are raising seem so comfortable on a farm. Must be all those trips to KY.

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