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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Last Day Of School

We've officially survived the school year. Whoooo! It was a close one. We finished up the last two days of school with Arleigh's end of the year party and then the official last day of school.

Another mom in Arleigh's class said that they had to do something on the last day because the cafeteria is closed, her daughter missed the party, etc. She ordered pizza. Thanks to my blurking, I noticed that my friend Heather's son made ice cream in ziploc bags. So that's what we did. Can I tell you how much I love my friend Catherine? She is a chemistry teacher and J.T.'s mom. She stepped up and helped. I don't know what I would have done without her. She had a bucket loaded with salt ready to go and 2 coolers full of ice. The best part is, it worked. The kids loved it. Lucky Hanan, since she's half day she got her party and both of Arleigh's.

On Hanan's last day of school, we took chocolate covered Krispy Cremes to celebrate her summer birthday. There's no cupcakes allowed for that one. I'm sad that my camera doesn't seem to be taking great pictures. Mrs. King is wearing the apron the girls made for her. It says, "My Students Walk All Over ME!" It has all 3 girls footprints on it.

We had a great school year. The teachers were awesome. Once again I'm sad. Arleigh and Jake have been such good friends. He's moving on to ODC. I'm happy that most of Arleigh's friends will be around next year, hopefully they'll be in the same class.

I'm ready for summer. We are already overbooked. That's okay. Even if we are busy, something about summer makes it a little calmer.

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