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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Indian Pride Assembly

Today I went to the First Grade Indian Pride Assembly. It was so cute. It was the end of the year award ceremony. Arleigh was given awards for attendance, the AR program, running in the Shamrock Marathon and Outstanding Citizenship. We are so proud!

Arleigh had a pretty big day. She was also fourth in the spelling bee. That's saying something. I can't spell. She got confused between the number two and the word to. She was so cute getting her awards. She shook Dr. Chandler's hand so proudly. She was especially excited with her citizenship award because Dr. Chandler mentioned that these were the super citizens of the future.

Now, for my fun today... Meet Max. Max has 2 big sisters. One is also in first grade at KES. The other played on Hanan's soccer team. Max loves Arleigh. In fact, that's putting it mildly. He pretty much thinks Arleigh hung the moon. He was sitting directly in front of Bria. He had a direct line of sight to Arleigh. That's pretty much what he looked like straining to see her on the side of the room. Each time she got an award he was screaming "AWWWW WEEEEE!" I don't know if that's quite right phonetically. It was so funny. He never even clapped for his sister. He couldn't leave without saying bye to Aww Wee.

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