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Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Am That Mother

I live in constant fear of being the mother that my mom hated when she was teaching. You know the overbearing mother who is always in the teacher's face. She's the one who blames the teacher for her kid's failures and behavior problems. She never turns her forms or money in on time. She forgets things. She is the mom who sends her child to school unprepared for the day's activities no matter how much warning she's had.

That's me. I am that mom. The last two weeks I've had teacher conferences over the girls. I am blessed with wonderful children. Lucky for me, I'm just an over concerned parent with nothing to worry about. It gets better. Today I turned in forms and money late for the girls' end of the year parties. As I drove up to the school and let them out of the van a soccer ball rolled right out onto the sidewalk. The aide had to grab it before it rolled into the road. None of that compares to the all time sin of your child not being prepared for a field trip. Yep, that's me too. Super Mom I am not.

Yesterday Arleigh went on a field trip to the zoo. Let's start with the fact that I chose to have more than one child and can't go to the field trip. I had to pick Hanan up at noon and often babies aren't allowed. Bria could have handled the zoo though. Although, it could have added one more mark in the "That Mom" column if her behaviour included some of her latest fits. At least I remembered to slather Arleigh with sunscreen. You know, the sunscreen that gives her a rash and makes her itch. That's about all I got.

Here's how it went down. She got up at a quarter to 6 anticipating the big day. I've been a little slow with laundry so she picked out a ridiculous outfit that was somehow considered appropriate in her mind because there was a butterfly on her capri pants and a bee on her shirt. Then she did one of the things I hate most in the world. She put on socks that looked like they were going to hit her mid calf with those capris. I asked her to put on her short socks. Little did I know that she hates short socks so she thought, "I'll go sockless for a 3 hour walk through the zoo." My child came home with blisters the size of half dollars. She then had to sit out of P.E. because of the ginormous blisters. She did manage to bring her camera home with her. Did I mention that she insisted on taking it because Mrs. Eavey said that it would be okay? Yep.

Today, to make up for my many sins, I'll be downloading the horribly grainy pictures from her camera onto a disc so that tomorrow in computer lab the whole class will be able to see the horribly granny pictures. Okay, maybe that's a job for Super Dad.

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