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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Harborfest Boat Parade

It's Harbor Fest weekend. This is one of my favorite weekends to live here. Lucky for us Ray is working at the hospital compound. It's a great place to watch everything without being in the middle of the crowd. J.T. and Will had never seen the boat parade so they loaded into the van to go with us. It was a short (45 minute) 7 mile drive through the tunnel. The kids were all great.

We had lots of fun but very little of it involved actually watching the boat parade. The kids preferred throwing rocks and old crab pieces into the river. We started the festivities with cookies. I think that was Bria's favorite part.

There were a few people sitting on the benches at the point. I'm not sure if they moved for the shade or moved because they thought I was crazy to have 5 kids. We got the benches all to ourselves.

Daddy got kisses. Bria is really good at those big open-mouthed slobbery kisses these days.

Arleigh got excited over one ship. An Arleigh Burke class destroyer is actually behind them. They didn't even use tug boats until it was time to turn around.

J.T. and Will are so sweet. I love these boys! J.T. is in Arleigh's class. Even though they are older, they pay just as much attention to Hanan and Bria as they do Arleigh. My fingers are crossed that Arleigh and J.T. continue to be in the same class next year.

We had a great time. We finished off the night with pizza and popsicles. It was perfect. Tonight it's my favorite part...the world's best fireworks!

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