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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Ray

I would tell you how old he is, but the cake says it all. Poor Ray. His birthday fell in the middle of VBS week. It does sometimes. He gets shortchanged when that happens. I hope he still had a really happy birthday even if it wasn't exciting.

We all got up with him so he could open his present and cards. It was nothing exciting except that all us Stiffs were up before 6 a.m. Then he had to go to work. I think Congress should pass a law that no one should have to work on their birthday. I don't exactly know what that means for me as a Mom but I digress.

We went to Mi Hogar for dinner. Again, not exciting but it was pretty yummy. Then off to church. This was the first Wednesday night that I didn't have to coral kids into the van like I was trying to herd cats. They were very agreeable to go home because Arleigh and Hanan worked very hard to make Ray's cake. They decorated it all by their selves. There were so many sprinkles on that thing it crunched with every bite. In fact my teeth hurt just thinking about all the sugar.

Overall it was nice. Hope you had a great birthday honey. You are loved by all your girls.

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