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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Great Mom Moment

This morning Arleigh and Hanan were in the playroom with Bria. We were getting ready for a big day. We had to be at a beach party to honor the graduates from our church then rush off to another birthday party. Believe it or not, Arleigh missed another party somewhere in all of that but it's a blog for another day.

Anyway, I'm rushing around trying to pack our beach gear when I catch a reflection of all three girls in the playroom. It's very sweet. Arleigh is holding Bria and Hanan is making silly faces trying to get her to laugh. While it's sweet, it's also annoying. Arleigh has been in trouble for picking Bria up without permission. They often forget she's not a doll. So as I'm standing on the stairs watching their reflection we have this conversation...

Me: Arleigh, put Bria down gently and stop picking her up!
Arleigh: Okay Mom! (She's looking at Hanan with huge eyes.)
Then you hear Hanan in a hushed tone: How did she know?
Arleigh: I don't know but she did. (Ray and I are trying not to crack up.) Mom, how did you know what I was doing?
Me: Because I'm your mother and you were messing up.
Arleigh: You think you know everything!
Me: I do when it comes to my girls!

Then you hear them whispering for another few minutes trying to figure it out. I'm sure they'll catch on before long but it was still a great mom moment.

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