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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Funny Faces

Arleigh and Hanan were thrilled to see Miss Kim at their friend Jennifer's birthday party. That meant face paint and balloon animals. I'm always amazed with Kim. She is sooooo good with the kids. I told her more than once I wanted to throttle some of the kids with her balloon animals. I don't know how she restrains herself. As you can see, no one can paint a face better than Miss Kim.

Arleigh went with the Dalmatian, tongue hanging out and all. Hanan was a pink cat. I think it's just a variation of the tiger she was at Halloween. That's the birthday girl with the the butterfly eyes. Some of the adults even painted their faces. Bria and I gave it a pass.

That's Bria with her buddy Kevin. Bria loves Kevin. She is pretty much a Mama's girl right now. She whines if anyone else is holding her and I'm in her line of sight. That is everyone but Kevin. When she sees Kevin coming she is grinning from ear to ear. She always has a big fat kiss waiting for him. Kevin is so sweet. He lets her slobber all over his face and never even winces. He is pretty quick to wipe off those slobbery kisses.

As you can see the party was a huge success. In other news, VBS is this week. I'll be posting pictures and possibly losing my mind.

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