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Monday, June 23, 2008

All Tuckered Out

Meet Tucker. He's our friend and our great protector. He is also very proper. He lays with his front paws crossed. The neighbors make fun of him. For a pound puppy, he is spoiled and acts like royalty. We remind him all the time that he won the lottery when he came home with us. He was on death row at a North Carolina shelter. We cured his heart worms. Now he is a big spoiled rotten baby.

He is also a very silly dog. He tries so hard to get into places that he can't fit. He crawls through the cat door to steal cat food and wiggles his way into tents to be with his girls.

One of Tucker's favorite places to be is in the treehouse. He climbs the ladder for club meetings. He just keeps doing it because every now and then there is food.

Tucker loves the water and time with Ray at the camp. He jumps in the lake to chase whatever we throw in for him. He begrudgingly goes for canoe rides. When he's really lucky and the ATV is there, he goes for long runs. He is unbelievably fast. He is also very tired right now. He has Lyme disease. Unfortunately, he may have gotten it during one of his camping trips.

Tucker is not only a dog, he is a big chicken. When there are storms he wants as close to a human as he can get. It doesn't matter which human. Apparently Baby Bria can take care of him too. Someone asked if we put the kids in bed with us during a storm. Not usually because there is a giant shivering lab laying between us.

Yesterday Tucker went to sleep on some pillows the girls laid out for him in their playroom. Like I said, all is well when Tucker is with his humans. He went to sleep. (Also because of the antibiotics he has to take.) So Arleigh covered him with her princess blanket like he was a little brother. Then she ran for the camera. She has asked every second since then when I would write a blog for Tucker. Here it is...

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