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Monday, May 5, 2008

To The Birds

Last Sunday we were visited by the duck family. This week, it was another sort of birdie visit. I was so busy. I needed to be ready to host LIFE Group. Ray was at the exercise. Bria is probably teething because she whined and cried and refused to nap. I needed to mop the floor. I sent the girls outside to play. I thought even if they weren't much help cleaning, I might get them out of the way and some time to focus.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen I saw something fall and Tucker jump to catch it. I thought the girls were playing with him. As I turn away I hear it. The neighbor was yelling at Tucker. I look out the window. Arleigh and Hanan are not running full speed to take whatever he has out of his mouth. That is a very bad sign.

I go outside to find Tucker playing with a baby robin. As soon as Tucker saw me he froze. He is so funny. He knew immediately he was in trouble. He just gave me that look like he's one of the kids with an excuse, "but it fell right out of the sky..." Our neighbors are hanging over the fence thinking he's killed it. As they start babbling, Tucker sits. That's his way of telling me, "I'm good. Throw it please and I'll catch it again."

Lucky for the Robin, Tucker was gentle, just a little too excited for his own good. I got Tucker in the house and quickly dispersed the kids because Mama Robin was quite angry that her baby was being used as a squeaky toy. The baby robin faired much better than the baby squirrel did a month ago. It took 20 minutes and Ray getting home from work to get the dog to quit playing with the squirrel. It too limped away. Maybe Tucker is learning his lesson.

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