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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things I Love This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is happy and sad for me. I love the special treatment, breakfast in bed, presents, kisses and a litany of "I love you so much, Mama!"s. Every year they get a little bigger. The crafts are more ornate. The handwriting is better. I'm one year closer to waking up on a Mother's Day to a phone call instead of three little girls jumping in bed with me. Instead of worrying about 20 years from now, I'm going to think about all the things that I really love this Mother's Day.

I have something really big to love this year. Ray is home! He switches jobs this week. It sounds like he will be just as busy as before but we will get to see him almost every night. Things like Hanan's musical tonight won't worry me. The girls have their Daddy back. That gives this mother something to be very happy about.

I have 30 toes to paint that are not my own. I don't remember ever asking to have my toes painted. This picture isn't one of many patterns that they ask for. Yesterday it was pink and orange. Arleigh and Hanan ask not just for themselves, but for Bria too. I haven't painted Bria's yet. I'm sure that's coming before the end of the summer. Right now, hanging onto to her is like holding a wet fish. The polish would be all over the house.

I love that Arleigh wants to wag Bria around on her hip even though neither of them is really big enough to get away with it. Bria isn't quite a hip baby yet. That doesn't keep Arleigh from trying.

I love that Bria really loves her food. She says, "MMMmmmm!" with gusto as she gobbles up whatever is in front of her. She smiles with that big open mouth toothless grin. If she's really happy, her whole face scrunches up. You have to love that little face.

I love the Mother's Day tea that the school does for the kindergarten class every year. I get one on one time with one of my girls. Hanan talked my ear off, mostly about her best friend, Elle. Did I tell you how much I love that Hanan has a very best friend? The girls in her class have been a little catty but Elle and Hanan go together like peanut butter and jelly. I love that she has someone to watch her back when her big sister isn't around.

This is getting long. There are so many things about all three girls and Ray that I love this Mother's Day. I have to stop somewhere. I have to show you one more thing that I really love. Ray had these beautiful bracelets made for me with the girls' names on them. The picture is probably too small for you to really see them. I hate taking them off every night. I love that I have them with me even when the girls aren't around.

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