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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Visitor

We have not seen the Deviney family since April 2001 I think. That's a long time. Jeff has been in town for a class. We were lucky enough to catch up with him on his last night here.

So much can change in 7 years. Arleigh was Bria's age when they left Iceland. Heather was pregnant with Jared. They have since added Ethan. The biggest change was Jeff. I remember him as a guy who would only drink Dr. Pepper and Coors Light. I don't think I ever saw him eat a vegetable that wasn't a potato. Boy has he changed. Last night he drank Yuengling and water.

Our taste has changed too. We eat some many more salads and grilled vegetables than we used to eat. I haven't seen Jeff in so long, we had steak and mashed potatoes to be on the safe side. I also had grilled corn and a salad that has strawberries and blue cheese. Jeff ate it all! I didn't expect salad to touch his plate. He had seconds. I'll have to post the recipe for the strawberry salad. There are only a few people who could understand my state of shock.

Anyway, it was really nice to catch up with Jeff. His family is on the west coast, in the middle of a move. I miss being able to just hang out like we did in Iceland. I wish Heather and boys had been here to play too.

I didn't get any new pictures of Jeff. He hasn't changed at all. This picture was from a trip we took to Scotland in 2000. That was another great time. I was pregnant with Arleigh. Ray driving a stick on the wrong side of the road... the castles... I had so much fun going through the pictures looking for one with Jeff. That's a post for another day.

Fair winds and following seas Jeff. I hope it's not another 7 years.


devineys said...

Thanks, Brandi. That was such a sweet post. We miss you guys, too! I can't believe so much time has gone by. I have such wonderful memories of our time with you all from Iceland and Scottland -- what a simple time!

Jeff says we'll probably end up on the east coast in two years after this tour -- hope you guys are still there!

I'm curious next time we see you all will your three girls and our three boys think...
(a) Cool! Kids to play with!
(b) Yuck! They're icky
(c) Hey! What are you doing tonight?

Who knows...

PS -- Have you heard any news from the Menos lately?!

Ray, Brandi & Girls said...

We miss you guys a bunch. Hope if you are on east coast it's close to us. Of course in 2 years who knows where we'll be.

The girls have lots of boys who come over for playdates. They seem to be thinning out thought. Some of their little friends have decided that girls are icky. So in two years my thoughts would probably by B. C is only an option after they are all 35...

I talk to Pauline 3-4 times a week. I'll email you an update.

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