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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Camping

So we went camping this weekend. I always have mixed emotions about our Memorial Weekend camping trip. You can see Hanan had mixed emotions about the long ride out to camp too. Arleigh was on antibiotics for a possible sinus infection. Tucker is on antibiotics for lyme disease. We left later than I wanted to because of the 2+ hours I spent at the doctor's office with all three children. Plus, the night before I didn't sleep because Tucker asked to go outside and nearly caught a opposum in the middle of the night. So... camping was not on my high list of priorities this year. Then Hanan says, "I love it when we have church outside by the campfire. That's my favorite part!" So I dutifully helped load the van down. We were off.

The first night there, we had just enough time to pitch the tent and enjoy hotdogs cooked on the campfire. Then time for the smores! Virginia and Madeleine were there the first night. The girls loved every minute of it. That is, until bedtime. Arleigh became incredibly frustrated that the teens and other adults stayed up to talk around the campfire. Apparently it's only okay for her to talk at night. The next morning they got up early as usual. I was shushing them and reminding them that other people were sleeping. My once extra sensitive child says, "No one thought about me sleeping when they were being so loud last night!" We've had another lesson on the golden rule since her little outburst. Didn't help. The same thing happened the next night.

I have to tease Robert a bit. Doesn't he look excited to be having his first smore of the night? Earlier while we were all cooking our dinners over the campfires and camp stoves, Ray ran in to the camp kitchen to get some water. There stood Robert busted. He was cooking hotdogs in the microwave! For shame! He said he had to leave on Saturday to prepare his sermon. I think he's not a real camp lover.

Someone always forgets something. We are all pretty good at sharing whatever. We couldn't help the Delcours or the Romans. The Delcours brought their tent poles, but not the tent. The Romans brought their tent but not the poles. Whoops! We couldn't help with that. The Romans slept in the staff quarters, pretty comfy stuff. The Delcours set up a bed in their pickup. They tried valiantly to sleep under the stars...until the rain came.

Some of the activities we enjoyed included canoeing, throwing leaves, walks in the woods, kickball, and a talent show. I still have to do some work to add the videos but Arleigh's talent was the hula hoop. The pressure got to her a bit. She didn't go as long as she usually does. Then the girls sang the New Hat song.

We had a fantastic weekend. I will try to remember that next year and not fuss as I'm packing and preparing the food for the weekend. I think I'm getting a dutch oven out of it. Ray made the comment when we got back that a dutch oven on a tripod would have made dinners a little easier. We had hobos one night. They were okay but not my ideal dinner of choice. Next year, there will be soup or chili.

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