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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day At The Beach

I feel a little guilty having fun on Memorial Day. It seems that there should be some much more somber ritual that I should go through. Then I think of all the people that I love who have passed. I know they would want us to celebrate being together. Going to the beach for some family time seems to fit the bill.

Ray learned that there is no such thing as a relaxing day at the beach. The girls constantly ask for and need attention. There are long walks to take, castle's to build and crabs to catch. I think he thought he would take a nice long nap while they played in the sand. No such luck.

Arleigh and Hanan loved jumping in the waves. The water was a little over 60 degrees. Bria on the other hand preferred to watch the waves. That water was way too cold for her tiny toes. We spent lots of time just walking up and down the stretch of beach so the girls could be knocked down by the waves. Hanan is pretty scary. She weighs all of about 34 pounds soaking wet. You could literally hold her hand and feel her being sucked out. I'm a little worried about what she'll want to do once the water is a little warmer.

The girls found Sandy the crab and Sam the lady bug. They desperately wanted to take both home. Luckily we climbed into the van and left creature free. They also made a castle that became a fabulous beach chair.

We had a great day. Now it's back to school and work. We're ready for summer.

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