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Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Our Last Soccer-Filled Saturday...And Monday, Tuesday, Thursday And Friday!

I'm done like the Thanksgiving turkey, probably literally cooked after more than three hours on the soccer field in the middle of the day, but I digress. As of 2:30 this afternoon, soccer is officially over. Can I get a collective Hallelujah?

Next season the girls will be on the same team again. It makes my life so much easier. This year Arleigh and Hanan each had 2 practices a week. Once Arleigh's practice lasted more than an hour and a half. I fully expected one of the other parents to form a revolt. It nearly happened.

Don't let my whining get to you. We actually had a great season. The girls learned so much. Hanan is scoring weekly now. That's a miracle in and of it's self. Arleigh is playing some awesome defense. She had at least 5 saves today. We had 2 great parties and 2 more trophies to add to our collection. There was also one old folk's talk from Daddy about how back in the day he actually had to win something to get a trophy.

Finally, the last two pictures are Hanan sleeping during Arleigh's game. Then both Arleigh and Hanan totally worn out in the back of the van. I'm sure Bria was sleeping too but that's too hard a shot to get from the driver's seat.

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