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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Ray

It's hard to believe that 13 years ago we were in Jamaica scuba diving. The Jamaican minister was yelling "Run for the roses, Mon!" It was great. It seems like yesterday. That is until I think about all that has happened in the thirteen years.

Let's see, there's been 7 different houses, 8 different moves. We've lived in Kentucky, Virginia, Iceland, Maryland and we're back in Virginia again. We have three of the most beautiful perfect little girls. I can't even begin to count your duty stations. I have to figure that you average a new one every 2 years.

Thanks for putting up with me and all that being married to me means. I'm messy and moody. I reserve the right to change my mind about as fast as the direction of the wind. On top of all that I'm the world's best procrastinator. Sometimes it seems like we are polar opposites. That must be why I'm so attracted to you after all these years.

I'm trying not to be sappy. I won't list the million and one reasons that I love you. You know I do. I just want to say thanks for being there for the last thirteen years. I can't wait for the next, I don't know how does 73 sound?

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