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Monday, May 26, 2008


We are back from our weekend camping trip and a day at the beach. We try and cram it all in when Ray is at home. Anyway, I'm still pouring over the photos from the weekend. I just wanted to write down a couple of shocking things Hanan said this weekend. Since this has become my scrapbook, bare with me.

We were watching Indiana Jones when Hanan said this...

"Mama, if those naughty guys were chasing me, could I call them a bad name?"

To which I answer, "Sure Hanan, if you are ever on a rope bridge and there are men with swords behind you trying to kill you and men with swords in front of you trying to kill you, I think you might want to call them a naughty name."

"I would call them the 'I' word," Arleigh chimes in. She means idiot.

Hanan is all excited, "I know what I would call them Mama, that word that rhymes with Tucker!" (Insert groan here.)

I need to give you a little back story. About a year ago, the girls were rhyming their names with any word they could think of and their buddy Nicolas was in on it. Pretty soon Tucker wandered up. You know where this is going. We had to put the kibosh on it. I thought they had forgotten all about it. I guess not.

Tonight the girls were saying their prayers. Arleigh had prayed for all the people who died because of Memorial day. Hanan starts her prayer, "God, I want you to be with all the people who died for us. You know I'm only praying for the good people. I'm not praying for those people in hell..." I don't think I heard the rest of her prayer.

Clearly my children have issues.

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