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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AR Student of the Week

Was it the diligence that Arleigh inherited from Ray that made her take test after test? Maybe it was her competitive spirit that she got from me pushing her on to get her class the reward for most points in a month. I would love to say that it was the family's love for reading. Whatever it was, Arleigh was named the Accelerated Reader Student of the Week. You go girl!

On to the other side of the story... Last summer we read the first Junie B. Jones book together. I proclaimed it horrible. I couldn't believe that Junie B. never had a consequence to any of her actions. She was rude, naughty and at times downright incorrigible. She never seems to be disciplined for anything. Her teacher doesn't do anything when she disrupts the class. Her parents don't do anything when she talks back. I banned the books from our home.

Arleigh's teacher just read her class one of these gems. Forget all the Green Earth, Jack and Annie and Skippy Jon Jones books that I've spent a fortune buying. Arleigh said that her very favorite book is Junie B. Jones. It's right there on the poster. I can't win for losing!

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