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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Bird Story

No pictures this time. A video would have been funny though. Our garbage disposal was stinky last night so Ray opened up one of our ancient kitchen windows. (He hasn't started replacing windows on the back side of the house yet.) Anyway, the screen there has a tiny little hole in it. He didn't close the window before coming to bed.

Cut to about 4 o'clock this morning Tucker is going nuts. I had let him out at 2. He usually stays upstairs with the family but I can hear him downstairs barking and acting like an idiot. Ray yells. He dutifully comes upstairs and sleeps between us.

Then a little before 6 this morning, Arleigh is up. She climbs between me and Tucker. (Now you know why we have a king sized bed.) That's when I hear it, "There's a bird in the house!"

Sure enough, perched on one of my floral arrangements is a bird. Ray closes the doors and opens some windows but not before it flies into his uniform closet. Arleigh and I pull the covers over our heads. I'm thinking I don't want to get dive bombed or hit with bird poop. Arleigh is just squealing. Tucker is up for the chase.

Ray starts to yell at me. He needs help getting the bird confined so he can get it outside. He made me pick up my exercise mat to wave it at the bird to herd it toward the open window. I accidentally hit it. I squeal. The bird falls. Tucker pounces. I scream. The bird makes it under the treadmill with Tucker right on top of it. I don't want to watch him eat the little birdie.

Ray yells at Tucker. He picks up the treadmill. Since the bird is flying lower, I manage to shoo it out the window. What a start to the morning!

All Arleigh can say is, "I can't wait to tell Mrs. Eavey this story!" The child needs her own blog.

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