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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All God's Creatures

I just had to take a second and share this story. I am not afraid of many animals. I jump if I'm startled but I generally manage to calmly walk away. It must be that my lesson was learned when a black racer chased me across a field with my mother screaming "Go back! Go back!" and waving her arms wildly. That's a story for another blog but I learned rather quickly how to react around snakes, mice, etc. Rats are another story....

When I was in college I would run past what used to be my grandfather's feed mill, now the ag supply store. Huge rats the size of cats would come out to chase me. I would run much faster on those days. Since then I've heard the story of my aunt being bitten as a child. She became very sick. Now that I have kids, I don't want those nasty animals anywhere near my kids. Same goes for squirrels, but that's Nate Galloway's story.

Anyway, as I was driving to ladies' Bible class the other day I get a call from Arleigh. She is nothing short of hysterical. I had a hard time understanding her. Then I hear through the sniffles.

"Mama, Daddy is going to kill one of God's creatures!" She is screaming into the phone.

"What sort of creature?" I try to sound as calm as I can and not laugh. I'm wondering what heinous act the cats have perpetrated on the household this time. We threaten Phinneus and Gaige on a regular basis.

"It's, it's, it's a mouse or something," Arleigh says. The wailing has stopped. It's more sobs now.

I told Ray when I went to get my gardening tools out that something had taken residence in our shed. That night, Ray decided to clean out the shed. He found a giant nest. Left over roofing paper was shredded in a corner. His grass seed was spilled out to make a perfect bed. The plastic bins holding the fertilizers and seeds were chewed up. There was gross rat poop everywhere and apparently a horrible smell that I'm happy I missed. It was so bad, Ray through truck loads of things away and had to spray the shed down with a bleach solution.

In the meantime, the resident or more likely one of the residents emerged. Ray tried to catch him before he got out and bit the girls or worse, Tucker got him in front of the girls. He caught it. Although his description of the chase sounded alot like the girls' Ratatouille Wii game. Apparently it made some sort of noise. I declined to hear the rest of the story. He told the girls to leave. Arleigh obviously came directly for the phone.

I asked him later what Hanan was doing through all this. Apparently she stood mystified. She just wanted to watch the show. Should I be worried that she was not the least bit concerned for what her Daddy might do to God's creature?

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