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Friday, April 4, 2008

What Does P.E. Stand For?

I've posted a couple of Arleigh's cute stories lately. I can't leave Hanan out. Yesterday Hanan, Bria and I met the Delcours for lunch and shopping at the White Rabbit. That's a whole other post. Anyway, there was going to be a 45 minute wait at Baker's Crust so we decided to walk down the street to see what we could find to quickly feed the kids. As we are walking down the street I hear this conversation between Hanan and Nicolas...

"Nicolas, I have to wear tennis shoes to school everyday. Do you know why?" Hanan asks.
Nicolas, the wise nine year old says, "Cause you have P.E. every day?"
"Yes," Hanan says, "And do you know what P.E. stands for?"
(At this point I'm listening intently because I have no idea what Hanan will say.)
""I don't know." Nicolas is thinking trying to figure it out.
Hanan gets the Hanan smirk on her face because she thinks she knows something that a nine-year-old doesn't know. "RECESS!"

That's my girl!

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