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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Soccer With Grandma

We're enjoying a week with Grandma and Oh My Goodness it's cold! Of course, Arleigh had the first game on Saturday and Hanan had the second. In the sun and out of the wind didn't seem quite as bad, but it was hard to find that spot.

We're getting better action pictures this year. The girls are both getting the hang of it. Hanan wasn't playing her best game Saturday. She was cold and tired. Ray told Arleigh to give her this message, "Score and we'll go for pancakes at IHOP." She scored! We missed it with the camera but that last picture is her sheepish grin when she realizes not only did she score a goal but she's getting a chocolate chip funny face pancake. No Who Cakes for that chocolate lover.

We'll have more posts later. It's been a fun week.

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