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Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Breaks Means...Strep, Smores, Seeds and Sleepovers

So back in the day I thought Spring Break meant it's almost summer. It was warm weather, playing outside, maybe even a vacation. Not around here. Spring Break means strep, smores, seeds and sleepovers with the dog.

Hanan didn't look like she was feeling great at the end of the day on Easter. I thought it was from too much chocolate. Low and behold, Tuesday I was taking her to the doctor. It was disappointing. Ray took a day off to enjoy Spring Break with the girls before heading off the Nashville to help remodel Uncle Mike's bathroom. Instead, we rented Bee Movie and hung out at the homestead. So this year, we start Spring Break with a possible case of strep. It was a forced lock down.

Topping it off, it was cold. Ray started cleaning up the yard since we couldn't do much. There were tons of sticks to burn. The girls like sitting around the backyard fire. At this point, Hanan had something to make her feel better. Of course the backyard fire means smores. Silly Mama didn't have chocolate bars or marshmallows on hand. I usually keep them for these rare occasions. The girls were pretty disappointed but decided to come up with a recipe of their own. They spread Nutella and marshmallow creme on graham crackers then had me microwave their masterpieces for exactly 10 seconds. They were the best smores ever! I have a couple of Paula Deen wannabees on my hands.

We topped off the night by planting some seeds. Hopefully by the time Memorial Day roles around we'll have plenty of veggies to plant in the garden. We started tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash and watermelon. That doesn't count all the herbs. We asked Hanan if she would eat the plants that she has grown from a seed. She just looked at us like we were nuts. Hopefully this will help her change her mind.

We ended with a sleepover in the Princess Room. Our special sleepover guest was Tucker. I took the picture in the morning as everyone was getting up. Tucker prefers to sleep upstairs but I make him sleep with the girls if they stay downstairs. Poor puppy had to sleep in his bed instead of mine.

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Navylangs said...

You jinxed us! Spring Break Strep Lockdown worked it's way over to this side of the world.

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