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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shamrocks At The Beach

Today was a big day for us. Arleigh ran the Operation Smile Final Mile in the Shamrock races at the beach. This is the big marathon weekend out here. The marathon starts early tomorrow morning. There are various races all weekend.

Arleigh had to run more than 25 miles at school to qualify so she was running the last mile of her personal marathon.
She was fabulous. Even though she is one of the youngest she stayed in the middle of the pack. I think walking wasn't an option because you might get mowed down by the next wave of runners. She and herbuddy Megan vowed to stay together. They came down the beach beside each other.

This was big for me because parents aren't allowed to run. We had to stay on the beach in a parent corral. There were people everywhere. It was a bit nerve racking. At one point Ray and Hanan hid from me. That will be the very last time that happens! I nearly called 911. We made it through. It was amazing how fast these little kids could run a mile. Of course, there has been lots of practice. Hanan is already planning to run next year if only because her Daddy promised her pancakes at IHOP if she does...

This was Bria's first beach outing. It was a little chilly. She seemed to enjoy it. I think we are going to have another beach bunny on our hands.

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