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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Opening Day

Soccer has officially started. Never mind each of the girls have had two practices a week for the last few weeks. This is the first time in a good long while that Arleigh and Hanan are playing on separate teams. Arleigh plays for the U8 Panthers. Hanan plays for U6 Hurricanes, AKA the Little Hurricanes. (Their coach also has a 12-year-old team.)

Of course since Ray is in Nashville, Hanan's game started at 12:45. Arleigh's started and 1:00. The only good thing about that was I was able to see both girls play. I worried that I would miss Arleigh's all together. She was pretty upset last night. None of the girls from her old team are on this new U8 team. I had to watch from 3 fields across. She was nervous about being by herself and the first game of the year. She did great. Hanan being Hanan said, "You can go to Arleigh's game whenever you want. I won't know if you're watching me or not." Why am I bothering with soccer stuff?

Arleigh is now playing goalie. It's a role she relishes because she understands when to be aggressive if the other team is approaching her goal. It's a little harder for her to be aggressive offensively. Clearly she's not my daughter. Aggression was never a problem for me. Plus on defense you don't have to run the field so much. This is her first year with real plays and positions. It's a bit intimidating.

Hanan plays everywhere. Usually she's running just outside the pack. This year she is actually the same size as most of her team. After playing with girls twice her size and being just the right height to catch an elbow to the eye she is understandably gun shy. She'll come into her own by the last game of season. Running to the outside works to her advantage because the ball pops out right at her feet every now and then.

There aren't many pictures. The other team's coach managed to block every good shot. We only got the last quarter of Arleigh's game. She played alot though. It seemed the other team was always coming at her. She had several good saves.

I'm sure this is just the first of many soccer blogs...

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