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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did. Our day was full of eggs, chocolate and spending time with our friends.

We woke up early to see what the Easter Bunny left. That smart bunny left new Tooth Tunes toothbrushes to help clean up all the sugar and chocolate that would be consumed the rest of the day.

Bria has been enjoying a bunny the Hardisons gave the girls a couple of years ago. Arleigh and Hanan thought the Easter bunny would enjoy his singing. They left him a note so he would know how to operate it. We hope he liked the ditty.

After church we went to the Cuthrell's house for the annual Easter dinner and egg hunt. The girls had alot of fun. The people who hid the eggs were very creative. I was a little nervous watching the girls stick their hands in various holes for a prize. There were no snake bites or rat bites so it's all good.

After dinner and the egg hunt we came back home for a nice nap. Well, Bria and I napped. I'm not really sure what everyone else was doing. I think Hanan was hiding eating as much chocolate as she could. Arleigh was reading the Hannah Montanna magazine she got. Ray mowed the yard. I think Bria and I got the best deal.

Hope this Easter finds you as blessed as we are. We're looking forward to watching Bria join the hunt next year.

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