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Friday, March 21, 2008

Hanan's Eggs

Hanan is our very picky eater. She thinks chocolate should be a food group and all vegetables should be banned. In fact if she could, she would live on chicken and couscous at this point. Yes, I said couscous. What she does eat is a little surprising.

Yesterday Arleigh had her Spring Break/Easter party at school. Hanan gets to attend all of Arleigh's parties because she is only at school for half a day. The craft for this party was decorating hard boiled eggs. You wouldn't believe how many of the kids had never decorated eggs. There were enough for Hanan to decorate eggs too. She made beautiful gold eggs with pink sparkles. She put them in a plastic bag and carried them with her for the rest of the party.

Hard boiled eggs are one of Hanan's favorite foods. On the way home she kept asking if she could eat them. They weren't the eggs that I cooked. I heard a couple of Mom's say they weren't sure if they cooked their eggs long enough. I didn't know how long they had been out of the refrigerator. I told her that I would cook some more for her. She had eaten enough macaroni (cheeseless, her favorite kind) to feed 3 children.

I'm getting Bria out of the car along with all the other stuff for the party. I hear a weird noise in the kitchen. I walk in and Hanan is standing at the trash can spitting egg shell into it. She took a huge bite out of one of her eggs, shell and all. Clearly patience is not her virtue. I was reminded of her birthday when she took a huge bite out of a frosting covered candle. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Can someone explain to me why a bite of a hard boiled egg in a shell or a frosting covered candle seems like a great idea but most breads, casseroles, and other vegetables are a bad idea? I guess I should count my lucky stars that couscous and pad thai are on the yummy list.


Dennis & Kristina said...

I'll never forget the joy on Hanan's face-- indeed in her whole body-- when she was 6 mos. old and I fed her that PB Pie. She rocked with every bite. I'm still smiling.

Ray, Brandi & Girls said...

She still loves it...unless chocolate is available. Poor Arleigh did that with the Icelandic cocktail sauce. Unfortunately she doesn't get it all the time like Hanan gets her peanut butter pie.

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