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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boos Boos First Zoo Trip

New big girl jeans - check
Crocs like her sisters - check
Floppy sun hat - check
Mom's camera - whoops

This was Bria's first trip to the zoo. We haven't been in a while just because of the weather. It finally hit 80 and it's spring break so why not? Maybe we shouldn't have because it finally hit 80 and it was Spring Break. The zoo was far busier than I've ever seen it, including the day we had breakfast with the animals.

Bria enjoyed her day out. She rode happily in the stroller all afternoon. She barely ever napped. I don't think she really noticed any animals unless you count her sisters or Nicolas and Jeremiah. She did get to see and opossum up close and personal. A trainer was showing one outside the nocturnal area. Apparently Tucker is much more entertaining.

We enjoyed our sunny day. In my rush to get out of the car and beat a load of buses, I threw dipaers and wipes in the stroller and forgot my camera. The pictures are in the parking lot after the outing. I had to get a couple in the new jeans. She is so tired I couldn't coax a smile.

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