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Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh No! She's already mobile!

So Ray and I have always thought people who said their baby was mobile at 5 months were nuts. How on earth could that be? Well, I wouldn't say she's crawling but Bria is already figuring out how to get to the other two little sunshines. She's not quite 5 months yet.

Bria has been accidentally flipping from her belly to her back. This morning she very purposefully rolled from her back to her belly. Grandma called at just the right time and witnessed the feat by phone. That was one time I was wishing for one of those futuristic movies with the teleconferencing phones. You know the ones Ray uses at work on a daily basis. She heard it but didn't get to see it. :(

Bria has also figured out how to push herself off her mat to get closer to Arleigh and Hanan. I already have to confine her to keep her from hurting herself. She loves her Johnny Jump Up , especially if the girls are laughing and helping her bounce. She has also found her voice. In fact she's talking to me right now. I think she's going to be our third "Little mother."

I think our lives are about to get a lot more interesting. I couldn't imagine busier, but that too...

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