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Monday, February 25, 2008

Art Is Subjective

Arleigh just got second place in the Reflections Art Contest for their school. She competed with K-2nd grade students. The theme this year was "I Can Make A Difference By..." Arleigh painted a self portrait of "Arleigh Praying For Her Friends." Hanan also painted a beautiful self portrait titled "Teaching." Arleigh's good friend Megan won first place for "Smiling."

We had a wonderful evening of cookies and lemonade. We also learned about scat. Arleigh and Hanan are pointing to opossum poo in the picture. We saw what happens to sea turtles if we let go of our balloons. They drew their lives in tree circles. We fought the crowds through the water cycle of the Elizabeth River and took a couple of AR tests. It was tons of fun. It's always exciting for the girls to take Daddy to school so he can see their AR stars and artwork.

There was also a brief lesson in the subjectiveness of art. Hanan had a well thought out idea that she put to canvas in a neat way. When we turned in the paintings I remember having a discussion on what would happen if Hanan won this year. I think Arleigh fully expected to get first again this year. As it turned out the scores weighed heavily on how you would actually make a difference. Apparently the judges didn't think Hanan could be a teacher right now. It involves years of school, etc. We went home a little disappointed that she didn't get a ribbon too, but she was great about it. We'll post pictures when we get the paintings back.

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