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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping with a baby in the house has been an adjustment for everyone. One of the biggest changes is that Hanan always wants to sleep with Arleigh. Not only do they share a room, lately they've been sharing a twin bed. I couldn't imagine until I snuck upstairs one night and took this picture.

At night, I feed Bria and we sit down stairs listening to the chaos upstairs. We hear little feet running across the floor. There is lots of giggling and squealing. Before morning their room looks like a tornado hit it. Apparently they negotiate toys, blankets and books trying to decide who will sleep where. Usually a little after nine the noise dies down. They clean up in the morning and we start all over.

The other pictures are of Bria and her bunny. Before Bria, there was Madeleine and her bunny. Our friends the Babcocks have a little girl who wagged a bunny around with her everywhere. I could eat her up for it. In fact her parents said that Bria's middle name should have been Madeleine and Madeleine should pay for Bria's college tuition because she suckered us into child number 3. Madeleine made sure that Bria has her own bunny. The picture is of Bria barely starting to hold on to her bunny as she is going to sleep. Hopefully this bunny won't wind up face down in the river like Madeleine's. That's a blog for another day...

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