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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year? Where Are We At?

Wow! It's been an eventful holiday season. When we last posted a blog, Arleigh was getting ready for her birthday.

She was a penguin in the big Christmas play. Hanan was anxiously awaiting Christmas. It was definately hard for her to concentrate on her school work. Ray was just getting home from another excursion. I was frantically working to pack a Christmas celebration for three kids plus the kids into a minivan for a 14+ hour drive. Merry bleeping Christmas kept running through my head.

I have to say, once the penguin show was over and the Christmas parties were finished and everything was packed, the stress went away. I couldn't have asked for better travelers. In fact at one point, the girls lasted so long, I was afraid we would run out of gas before we stopped. The drive is beautiful. Over the course of a week, we saw snow in the mountains, deer, turkey and a coyote. We visited three states before the long drive home.

I'm not sure if would should classify Christmas 2007 as the year of the cookie, the year of the dog or the year of Hannah Montana. Arleigh and Hanan made Icelandic cookies at home. They frosted Christmas cookies with Grandma and made Rudolph cookies with Nana. As for the dogs, the girls were so excited to see Lucky. As a bonus Kyle had a new boxer and Kendall and Kase got a new lab for Christmas that looks just like Tucker. Then they got to play with Buddy at Nana and Papa's and Bailey, Millie, and Happy at Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon's. The thing we learned this year is how much we love poor old Tucker who lets his girls do just about anything to him. We also learned that it would be nice for the girls to be a little more afraid of dogs. The year of Hannah Montana comes from Hannah Montana everything that I had to pack and bring back with us.

Overall, we had a very nice holiday. All of my ramblings about never again stopped just about the time we crossed the Kentucky border. The stress of the week before the trip seemed to melt away. Grandpa bought a deer feeder to attract deer and turkey to the pond. It was nice to wake up on a cold Christmas morning to look out across the pond and see the deer. I guess every year will be over the river and through the woods...

We were so lucky this year to be able to see lots of Ray's family too. Bria loved to coo and talk to his Grandma. The girls got to play with their cousins for a brief little bit. Hopefully we are planning a longer trip there this summer. It's about time we hit some fairgrounds and did some fishing again. There were so many friends that we didn't get to see this time. A trip this summer will give us a little more time to wander. If any of you that we missed are reading this, the road runs both ways. Come for a visit and you will get our undivided attention.

We hope the new year finds you healthy and happy. If you want to see the videos and pictures, we've posted some of them on Facebook. Hope to hear from you soon!

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