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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Freaky Friday

I've been on facebook lately. It's addictive. In fact, it could be a serious problem. Someone asked what happened to the blog. Here I thought you guys were rolling your eyes saying, "There she goes again, bragging about those girls." Well, if you can't get enough here is some more.

Things are a much slower pace now. Bria is sleeping a little better. In fact she's spoiling me. I still can't say she's consistently sleeping through the night. She is great. I often get from 11-4 or even 5. That's awesome compared to the other two.

What's with the Freaky Friday headline you ask? Well last week, Hanan asked her friend, Elle to come over. It just so happened that J.T. was invited by Arleigh. So even though I have three kids in the house, we decided to add two more to it.

Elle came over just before lunch, when I picked them up from a long hard day of kindergarten. I was amazed at just how much two little girls could get into. They were great. They loved having a special lunch, peanutbutter and fluff sandwiches. They helped make chocolate chip cookies for an afternoon snack.

At 3 I picked up J.T. and Arleigh. Then came the chaos. J.T. thought he was coming over for a quiet afternoon of Wii. At one point, there was so much squealing and little girl screaming, we overheard him say, "I think I have to get out of here." Apparently the fourth little girl in the house was just enough to send him over the edge.

The only down side was that Ray was home sick that day. Bless him. He was a really good sport putting up with it all. He must be the best daddy in the world to not cancel those play dates. I think the antibiotics must have kicked in by then. He wasn't quite so miserable with everyone here. Elle left just before dinner. J.T. got to stay for pizza and a little more Wii.

We always said we wanted to be the house where everyone would come. I think we are off to a good start...

Here are some pictures of our January adventures.

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