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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Hectic Holidays

We have been very, very busy. On Friday, the girls and I went to a surprise party. Ray was trying to fly back on the red eye to be home in time for breakfast with Santa. He made it! After a school-lunch style breakfast with Santa, plenty of pictures, games and a book fair, I dropped everyone off and rushed to a Ladies' Brunch at church. I rushed home to give the girls showers and blow dry their hair in time for them to play the piano at the mall in honor of Christmas. We did a bit of Christmas shopping shoved some very healthy chicken nuggets and fries into the girls and let them change in the car. We were rushing to Liberty Call at church. The kids get to stay and play while the parents get to go out. Ray, Bria and I went to MacArthur Center for dinner at Nordy's and then a little shopping. Not too much shopping though, we are on a nursing schedule. We grabbed the kids and rushed home to throw everyone in bed. We had to get up early because we needed to be fashionably coordinated for the Baby Blessing at church. After church we had our traditional Sunday dinner of burritos at Moe's and rushed home to clean the house for LIFE Group. Yes, it's the hectic holiday season.

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures of the girls. I'm breathing a sigh of relief this week. This weekend won't be so hectic except for Arleigh's birthday. I'm sure we'll have more pictures of that.

By the way, I've been posting lots of pictures on Facebook. If you want to see more, add us as a friend. The pictures are even easier to post there.

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