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Monday, November 5, 2007


Arleigh learned the four stages of a metamorphosis last year. This year, it's Hanan's turn. When the girls noticed several caterpillars in my garden toward the end of the summer, we decided to use it as a scientific opportunity. I caught a couple of caterpillars for each of them and put them in bug jars that Nana had conveniently sent earlier in the summer.

Arleigh told her class all about our little experiment. We had to move some bugs around, but before it was over, we had one cocoon at home and at least one at school in Mrs Eavey's room. I had to send in wet herbs for a couple of weeks. We lost one of our caterpillars at home. The other one, named Josh, holed up in his little cocoon and we watched and waited.

Our payoff came this weekend. The girls got home from a Hannah Montana Dance Party. They were showing their daddy all of their new moves. We all let out little squeals when we all seemed to notice that Josh had finally emerged. I must admit, I had almost given up hope.

I was sort of expecting something much smaller, maybe even a moth. We got a big beautiful butterfly that we immediately released. I felt bad for him, it was so windy. He picked a really bad day to learn to fly. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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