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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Trunk Or Treat! It's Halloween! The girls had a fabulous time last night. All three were dressed as black cats. Poor Bria didn't get to have her face painted. I'm such a mean Mama!

We did the trunk or treating thing at the church. The girls played games. Hanan is with Joseph. That's Charles next to Bria's picture. He is one of many future suitors.

The girls played golf, went fishing for prizes, threw spiders and bean bags. And, as you can see, they painted their faces. The best was the bobbing for apples. They both got one. It took Arleigh a little longer. She was soaked, as was her costume. In fact, I don't think her little bow is ever going to dry out. The bad part was getting everyone ready for school this morning.

There will be more pictures in the margins. Keep checking back. We had so much fun!

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