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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Latest On Bria

Bria is apparently as stubborn as the rest of us. I went to the hospital on Thursday prepared to beg my doctor not to induce until Tuesday when Mom would be here all settled in to take care of Arleigh and Hanan. That was never even necessary. My protein count had barely budged. We have to wait for it to hit 300 before they will induce. Today we should be in the 230s. That's probably a good thing. My kidneys aren't shutting down.

I'll admit to being mildly disappointed. Bria would now be considered full term. We are more than ready to meet her. I'm not getting any sleep. When I do, Ray isn't getting any because I apparently have picked up a habit of snoring like a grizzly bear. I think he made his way downstairs to the sofa last night. Arleigh and Hanan are more than ready to meet their little sister. They have missed out on several things we planned to do since I was put on moderate bed rest. I think the point is, we are all ready for Bria to get here so we can find some sort of schedule and try to stick to it. I did say try...we have two other girls. I know it will be a little while.

Better go. We'll keep you updated.

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Mary said...

Congratulations, Brandi & Ray! Bria Faith is beautiful! I'm so glad that the delivery went well. Bria is lucky to have 2 big sisters to look after her. Looking forward to more pictures. Love your blog!

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