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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Introducing Bria Faith Stiff

Here she is! Bria was born on Oct. 12th at 5:51 p.m. She weighs 7 pounds 2 ounces and she was 20 and a half inches long. Of course, she is just beautiful. We are very blessed with a very happy, healthy and beautiful baby girl.

Bria made a very exciting entrance. After a brief doctor's appointment, it was decided that we would stay and have a baby. It seemed to work out. Arleigh and Hanan were set to watch the Kempsville Homecoming parade with Grandma. I was induced just after lunch time. By dinner, Bria had arrived. In fact, Ray had to dash down the hall because we were the only ones in the room when she started to crown. Dr. Sheldon and team were right outside and came in just in time to catch her.

Arleigh and Hanan are great big sisters. They are very excited and helpful now that we are all home from the hospital. The newborn poopie diapers were a little more gross than they expected. They now try and only help with "pee-pee pants." Arleigh reads to Bria. Hanan tells her stories and picks out clothes. They both give Grandma instructions on how to care for their baby sister.

Grandma is here to help for two more weeks. She'll make it home for Uncle Bryan's wedding. She has been a huge help! I wasn't allowed to be alone with Bria because of the medication I was on. If Grandma hadn't made it, it would have been a nightmare. She'll be sleeping through November after the wedding just trying to get ready for us to show up at Christmas.

Ray has off for a few days. He's being introduced to the trials of mommyhood. We have flu mist appointments, piano lessons and birthday parties. He gets to be the chauffer. Tomorrow is school lunch day so he'll be getting in line at the cafeteria. All three girls, well four counting me, are eating up the daddy time.

We're off to get tricare paperwork ready. We'll be posting more pictures on the side. There will be lots more pictures now that we are all home so keep checking back.

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