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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Glow Worm

So we took Bria in for her one week check up realizing that she still looked a little jaundice. Neither Ray nor I thought she looked any more jaundice than Arleigh or Hanan did. In fact, we thought her color was much better. I suddenly found myself missing Iceland when the nurse practioner said she was going to have to stay on a bili-blanket.

I was not happy and argued with her. While there is nothing about the blanket that is going to hurt her, I typically don't like treating things that I think they will get over on their own. It didn't help that her appointment was at 1:30 and the nurse didn't see us until 3. Never mind that everyone that came into the office after us was seen and released in a seemingly timely manner. Because it was Friday, we had to wait for a home nurse to bring us the blanket. She was two hours late. The girls were exhausted but refused to go to bed until they could see what was happening to Bria.

It's not a big deal to keep her hooked up. I'm sleeping on the sofa so she can just stay downstairs in the cradle. I don't want to unplug her to nurse her. She is her own nightlight. She will probably have some sort of glow worm nickname. The home nurse will be back to check her bili level on Sunday. We're hoping the blanket will quickly disappear.

Check out the pictures of our glowing doodle bug...

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