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Monday, September 10, 2007

Two Peas In A Pod

Recently, we found this picture of my grandmother, Beauton, as a little girl. Since Hanan was born we have constantly heard comments about how Arleigh looks just like Ray but who does Hanan look like. Well, we've decided that we might know where her big eyes come from now. Clearly they aren't identical but there is some resemblance. Finally, there will be no need for milk man comments.

It's hard to know how old Gran might be in that picture. Her name was on the back but no date. I had some fun looking for a picture of Hanan from what might be the same age. Most of our pictures have both Arleigh and Hanan in them. Because I wasn't sure how old Gran was, I have a picture of Hanan at 4 with Arleigh, Kase and Kendall and a picture of Hanan at around 22 months.

Finding pictures of Hanan by herself proved to be difficult. Most of the time our pictures have both girls. Then Hanan went through a stage where she was always in the place that she shouldn't be. We couldn't see her face in our pictures because she had managed to get herself stuck. Better yet, she would be crying in the picture because she knew she was busted for being on a table, in a cabinet, in a suitcase, etc. She's still accident prone but she's learned to try to not stick her head between banisters. It's nice to look at old pictures. I found one with Hanan asleep in her high chair with her fork in her hand.

Arleigh had some great pictures too. In most of the pictures of Arleigh, she is jumping or dragging Hanan to some great new something. We will always know Arleigh in her pictures just because she always looks like Arleigh. Her expressions never change. I laughed out loud of a picture of her at 2 stretched out on the sofa with her hands tucked behind her head. She was probably watching television. She lays the exact same way every time she watches Hannah Montanna.

That's it for now. If you're lucky, I won't start posting all their old baby pictures. I really do have the two cutest kids in the world!

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