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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Super Citizen

Here's our September Super Citizen!

Arleigh was named Super Citizen by her first grade teacher, Mrs. Eavey for Sept. Every month the kids study a character trait. One child is awarded the status of Super Citizen for displaying that trait. This month's trait was "Responsibility." Last year, (Can you tell I'm a proud and bragging parent?) Arleigh was the Super Citizen for kindness.

We are so proud of Arleigh because her teacher had to choose someone after only the first two weeks of school. She has a nice little report from her teacher about how she begins her day and loves school so much. Luckily, we were all there for the ceremony. Arleigh was presented a sign to put in the yard for the next month announcing her achievement. She also got a free meal from Burger King and coupons for Jungle Golf. Hanan even got excited when she learned Arleigh had tickets to Jungle Golf, knowing she would get to go too. The guidance counselor read a little about each child getting their ribbon and sign. The new principal, Dr. Chandler presented all the goodies. Then everyone ate ice cream and got to go home with their parents two whole minutes before the final bell.

The cutest thing about the little ceremony was another set of parents. There is a little boy named J.T. in Arleigh's class. J.T. has had a crush on Arleigh since kindergarten. He says it's because she never turns her star. J.T.'s big brother, Will is the Super Citizen for his class. They were all there too. J.T.'s dad was really excited to finally meet "The Arleigh." Arleigh told us later that J.T. says he doesn't have a crush on her anymore because he hates his brother. Will was teasing him mercilessly.

We enjoyed dinner last night from Azar's to celebrate. There is some benefit to bedrest. I didn't have to fix a big celebratory meal. The girls ate so much I'm surprised they aren't sick.

Hopefully before the end of the year, we'll have another Super Citizen. Hanan never seems to mind not getting the attention as long as there are fringe benefits. She's still waiting to be the line leader. It takes a long time to get to the S names. They are figuring that out early. Other news about Bria should be here soon. We are thinking she's on her way earlier instead of later.

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